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Acute Respiratory Infection

What started off as a simple cold ended up lasting for about five weeks of being sick and turning into an acute respiratory infection. First it was the sniffles, and I resisted taking any antibiotics at the pharmacy as I thought if it is a cold, which meant that I was dealing with a virus and antibiotics won’t help. However, the cold gradually got worse and my one ear became plugged and I was really decongested. Mrs. Thao took me to a doctor and his English was pretty good. My one ear was full of wax which they were able to remove and I was given some ear drops. I remember being so, tired. I was told that if it did not clear up in a couple of days to come back. Well, it did not clear up and I went back. A hearing test was conducted which showed that I could not hear so stronger antibiotics were given. I was still working at this point, and when I look back at some of the pictures of that time, I was so pale. Still the antibiotics did not work and my other ear became blocked. Mrs. Thao spoke to the doctor again and he suggested I go to Da Nang and have my system flushed out. I checked with some of the teachers here who were nurses because I had never heard about this procedure. Well they had, and they said it probably should have been done earlier on.

Mrs. Thao knew of another doctor and I decided I would like to give it one more go. I went to see this doctor and he asked me if I had hit my ear and he said it was quite inflamed and my other ear also had quite a bit of wax in it; which he took out a couple of weeks later. He gave me several antibiotics which I was to take for a week. At this point I was beat and for a period of 3 days I did nothing but sleep. It took over a week before I was able to hear and once the antibiotics were finished I went to the doctor for a check up. He questioned why I had not finished the antibiotics sooner, and we discovered that his assistant had not written down the correct number of times I was to take the meds. As a result, I was not getting the correct dosage I needed so I was given more antibiotics…3 days worth. Luckily, by the end of the 3 days I was better. But I do believe that I have not yet fully recovered my strength from being this sick this long. I have had a couple of sore throats since. One time the sore throat did not develop into a cold so I went back to the doctor and was given more antibiotics. This happened in September. I believe that I am quite run down as I am working 33 hours a week plus lesson planning, and attending meetings. There’s been a couple of changes here at the school over the last couple of months…..more on that later. Being sick was scary as I was concerned what happens if I can’t clear up this infection….should I head home….after all we’re talking about my hearing ……

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