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The last 5 weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster, but not primarily in a negative way. The well wishes, cards of thanks, luncheons and support from many people was at times overwhelming and caused me to think “what a lucky person am I to have this". I’ve been asked are you nervous, scared – my answer is no I am not. Do I second guess myself, no I don’t and that’s because I believe this is meant to be, I will deal with whatever comes my way. I know all too well that things can change suddenly and without warning. Learning of one death, and experiencing the death of a longtime companion of mine and then learning of someone’s poor health, (that has since been rectified) in less than a month is a constant reminder to me, that my life is not a dress rehearsal….this is it. I know that some of my co-workers may be retired when I come back, and as- a- matter- of- fact, the nature of my job could change. But this is what I believe; it is important to have a dream in life. To me it is not important if the dream is not achieved, what’s important is that you have a dream. Too often I see people who are downtrodden, and just surviving…barely making ends meet and I think to myself, I am sure that this is not where they planned to be at this stage in their lives…what were their dreams? And to others I say “why can’t this or why can’t that be a dream to strive for….it’s about choices. When I was younger my only dream when it came to seeing the world was to go to Greece….I did that when the Olympics were in Athens several years ago. I thought teaching and travelling would be fun, so I took a course….landed a job in Vietnam. So maybe in Vietnam I can help make some adult, some youth, or child ignite their own dream. I can tell you it was very difficult at the airport and saying good-bye to my better half, who will be joining me soon….he’s supported this dream of mine, we as a couple have grown through this process. Me leaving and his staying behind for a few months and a weekend get away allowed us to take stock of our relationship. We needed to take this time as we had both been busy ...it was the best thing we did.

My girlfriend once explained to me that her version of getting older is to compare aging to the flushing of the toliet: see how quickly the water funnels down the bowl.... it twirls down the toilet bowl, faster and then even more quickly.That's where I am in life now. There so much to do in this world and as I get older I want to do more. I rember thinking as a young mother if life could get any more busier. And I can tell you for me it has ....so much to do and so little time!. I am now experiencing the toilet bowl syndrome!

So what do I hope for over the next year? I hope to help people, I hope that I will grow emotionally and in particular spiritually, I know I will be on a long learning curve, and the adjustment might take a couple of months but I can tell you, it will take quite an adjustment to be back In Canada in 2014, because I believe I will be much more grounded spiritually, the reverse culture shock I think will be difficult……but maybe not so. .So when inclined check out the blog and see how that journey is going……..if you have any comments or questions, pass them along
As a New Year is just around the corner, maybe just take a second and think of some dreams you had or have or plan to have. It’s always easier to say why, but it’s much more liberating to say why not and then just do it...you will find a way...

The picure posted in this blog was taken of me 11 DAYS Before I left for my journey...umm, do I look worried? Stressed out? Nope...I'm not!,

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Your face may not look worried, but look at your hands in that photo! A bundle of stress! Good luck and I look forward to reading about your adventure.


by rockrug

Just read your blog...wow what an adventure you are about to embark on, good luck and I look forward to reading about your journey

by Duzzy 64

Hi Rhonda!
your inspirational perspective and endless sense of adventure breathes air into my day. I believe your goals for the new year will be achieved and then some.

adventure is life's medium, and can encompass our consciousness providing a nurturance to our souls, if we simply allow it too, which helps in developing our inner growth.

This is endless as adventure can be pursued as a means of perspective, even if the toilet is starting to flush.

Miss you Rhonda, looking forward to taking part in you’re adventure….

by shannonlapointe

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